Urban E&E Student Testimonials
Are you interested in the program, but want to see what others have to say about it? Take a look at a few of the testimonials below from those who have gone before you.

What our students are saying:
"Like the ACWA self defense classes, the Urban Escape & Evasion class doesn’t disappoint. I was initially apprehensive about what I had signed up for, but felt that it was an experience I wanted; and as it turns out my fears about the training were baseless. Justin's UE&E class is structured in a way that allows you to understand the mechanics of what could happen and set aside your natural fears and anxiety, thus enabling you to deal with it. Some abduction myths and fears were dispelled and the mechanics of how to get out of other, more realistic, situations were addressed. This weekend training session is educational in ways that go beyond strictly learning the skill needed to get out of a bad situation. By taking the UE&E course you are gaining the mindset to overcome your circumstances and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in survival training." - Lauren H.

"My experience with Urban Escape & Evasion class was all to real. As a former rape victim, I was literally shaking at the realism of it all. I did fine. I got caught once and only once. It was so real, it scared me at first. I do suggest if you have former trauma or not, that you take this class. It will awaken you in ways you do not know. I re-lived trauma that I went through many years ago only to come out stronger. It was life changing for the better and it became the best experience of my life." - Shana D.

"The ACWA Urban Escape & Evasion Training Program offers an unintimidating way to explore answers to otherwise terrifying conditions. It tests real problems that may arise during a kidnapping situation in a safe environment that facilitates the investigation of variable outcomes and solutions. Justin’s careful thought to sequencing the hands-on challenges helped me overcome personal fears and build confidence for success. After completing the weekend program, I have the reassurance that I’m capable of combating the unthinkable with problem solving determination rather than paralyzing panic. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to challenge themselves and increase their level of applied survival knowledge." - Lindsay F.

"I’ve trained with ACWA for the better part of about 3 years now and each time I’ve always learned something new. The Urban escape and evasion class is no exception. I learned so much more than I had originally believed and I apply much of that knowledge to my every day life now. It is all useful and relevant information to today's world and presents you with several situations you hope to never find yourself in. However should any of these things happen to you, you now have a solution that you know works. It is a completely safe training environment with no worry for failure, we’re all here to learn. If you have the opportunity to take this class, take it. It is well worth the price of admission." - Andrew W.

"The Urban Escape & Evasion seminar is really not a seminar -- it’s an experience. You can read about riding a bicycle, and you can watch someone ride a bicycle and think you know how, but you really don’t until you're sitting on a bicycle and trying to make it go without falling over. Justin's seminars are generally like that, and this one is no exception. We learned the principles, some techniques, but most important was the mindset needed to not panic. Yes, I learned how to escape from bindings, and yes I learned the recommendations for evasion, but it wasn’t until I was in the back of a moving vehicle with a black hood on my head and my hands bound behind my back that I converted "book knowledge" to practical knowledge. And it wasn’t until I had escaped and gotten recaptured that it really sank in how to evade capture and being noticed. I have no delusions that my techniques are a match for any possible situation, but I have confidence that with the right mindset, I can use these techniques and the philosophies behind them to maximize my chances for getting myself and those I care about to safety." - Brett W.

"I just spent a weekend learning some unique life skills at the A.C.W.A. Urban Escape and Evasion Course. So much was covered; from picking handcuffs to the psychology of being in a kidnapping or car jacking situation. The instructors really pack in a tremendous amount of useful information and make it an enjoyable experience at the same time. Being able to experience the feeling of being in that situation under the safe watch of experts and thinking through what I would actually do in that situation was interesting and quite fun! Once you start learning the practical steps of escaping from restraints and getting to safety it opens your mind to thinking under pressure. The more you learn the better prepared your mind is to tackle tough situations to keep you and loved ones safe at home and traveling. I can't wait for the next courses they offer!" - Drew I.

"An amazing experience. It has done wonders for my self-esteem and confidence. Thank you, Justin!" - Robyn H.

"The Urban Escape & Evasion weekend was a success. I learned a lot of useful skills to go along with my arsenal. Not everything is as it seems, when thrust into a situation, the mind can play tricks on you. The key is to remain calm at all times. All in all, it was a great learning experience. Thank you Justin J. Everman for the opportunity."
- Jason W.

"So let me set the tone of this review for you. I am former military and I have worked with a sheriff’s department, all in non-enforcement capacities. So I never got all the specialized training that the soldiers and officers get, I’ve had to seek that out and pay for it on my own. So I know the value of finding a class that is worth spending my hard earned money on; this is one of those classes.

This Urban Escape and Evasion class was very informative, extremely relevant to the state of society that we live in now, and the topics that are taught will shatter many of the preconceived notions you build up from reading the news and watching television. You will be both dismayed at many of the truths you will hear, but you will also feel enlightenment and empowerment at the knowledge and skills you obtain. Most of all, you will acquire the WISDOM to put that knowledge and these skills to use.

ACWA also presents all of this in a non-threatening, non-militaristic, and non-boot camp setting. They allow you to absorb the information in such a way that is fun, but does not make light of the subject matter. So if you’re just venturing into this type of training, you’re in good hands with ACWA. They have once again impressed me with their training repertoire and their ability to impart that training. Great job ACWA!" - Jeff C.

"What a cool experience. We went from the very basics of concepts like defeating zip tie’s, dealing with being bagged, concealing tools, or getting out of a trunk. Then we progressed from the intellectual concept to trying it out slowly in a controlled environment to putting all the concepts together in a live escape and evasion scenario. I really liked the fact that we walked away with some very cool ‘life skills’, we got the chance to experience the adrenaline pumping and heart racing of escaping restraints and avoiding capture, and then we got to do the debrief afterwards of what you learned, what would you have done differently and how to apply these concepts in the future. Justin and his team were awesome. Prepared, thorough and professional. I would highly recommend this class." - Eric A.

"I just want to say thank you for hosting the Urban Evasion & Escape Class. This is a class I highly recommend for anyone who wants to develop sound skillsets under duress. The skillsets strengthened during this event were:

  1. Escaping from bound ties in a hostile situation.
  2. Learning how to cache important items on you at all times.
  3. Problem solving when disoriented.
  4. The importance of social engineering when escaping from individuals who are trying to harm you. This is really important. Utilizing this skillset allows the hunted to easily become the hunter.
I look forward to the next special seminar hosted by you. Students that pass on this class are missing out on invaluable information."
- Byron W.

"Great class!! I learned a lot in the two day course that I'm sure will contribute to aiding me in a very bad situation. In our day 2 class (FTX), I also learned a lot from the small mistakes I made: if the real thing were to occur, as well has knowing "WHAT" to do, now know "WHAT NOT TO DO" (from my mistakes). The course is an awesome learning (hands on) opportunity. I recommend you enroll."
- Eric M.

"OMG! The Urban Escape and Evasion course is "ah-mazing". Justin's method of training takes a practical and non intimidating approach, and anyone can just come in and leave with theconfidence and the skills to protect themselves! I HIGHLY recommend A.C.W.A. for self defense training!"
- Chanel S.

"We live in a world of uncertainty and things can take a turn for the worst at anytime. Better to have the skills and not need them, than to need them and not have them. The difference could mean life or death."

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