Urban Escape & Evasion Training Class

What would you do if you were kidnapped? What if armed men tied you up and took you to an unknown location? What options do you have and how do you get away? No idea? No problem. This is where we come in! It’s time to turn the tables on a would be kidnapper.

Welcome to our Urban Escape & Evasion Training Program. Its purpose is to teach you a unique set of "unconventional skills" in order to save your life and the lives of your loved ones (should your worse nightmares suddenly turn into reality).

The training consists of one day of classroom learning and one day of field application. Using your new skill sets, you will work though a carefully planned mock kidnapping scenario.

Day 1 - Education
Time: 8:30AM to ~ 3PM *
- Dealing with stress
- Coping with panic and fear responses
- Mindset and playing to win
- Methods to build rapport
- Getting around locks
- Modern security issues
- Escape from illegal restraints, handcuffs, zip ties, etc...
- The Car Trunk Challenge
- Movement in an urban environment
- The Gray Man Protocol
- Every Day Carry concepts
* That night you will be asked to complete several assignements. These may take an additional 2 hours and will be crucial for your success in day 2.

Day 2 - Field Training Exercise (FTX)
Time: 8:30AM to ~ 3PM
On your second day, we will put your new skills to the test with a real-life scenario. You will receive a brief about the day's scenario and objectives. The day then begins with you being mock "kidnapped"; hooded, hands bound and questioned. You'll then be transported a few blocks from base camp in some direction. You will be expected to escape your restraints, figure out your location and make your way to an assigned location noted in the morning brief to gather information without getting caught. We have trackers who have your photo with them, but you don't get to know who they are or how many there are! They will be looking for you and reporting back to base. Time to blend in, change clothes (because we give you a BRIGHT YELLOW shirt to wear so we can find you easily, so your going to want to ditch that some how), get food, but don't be seen or found as if the trackers find you they will bring you back to the drop off point and you'll have to start over again. Once your mission goals are achieved you will come back to a rendezvous point for debrief and review.

Our goal for you in this class is to gain the understanding that if the worst happens, you now have the skills you need to respond to it. That said, this class is not for everyone. Safety precautions have been taken whenever possible but there is a fair amount of controlled stress, mostly mental, that you will be expected to deal with and learn from. Physically you should expect to have to walk up to 10 miles on Day 2. The materials are designed to expose you to the reality of the world we live in and give you solutions to some unqiue situations, solutions we hope you never need to use!

In the off chance of inclement weather, the event on day 1 or 2 maybe rescheduled to provide the best learning expereince for all. That said, we plan times of year that have great weather so it's never been an issue!

"We live in a world of uncertainty and things can take a turn for the worst at anytime. Better to have the skills and not need them, than to need them and not have them. The difference could mean life or death."

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This training is for EVERYONE. We help teachers, realtors, CEO's, bankers, accountants, pilots, church misionaries and people just like you!

You can sign up and go it alone or work with a partner. Looking for a partner? Sign up and we'll match you with someone else looking to form a team as well. Both are valid ways to participate and have varying pros and cons.

Call: 469-939-2462 or email: info@UrbanEscapeAndEvasion.com

All training will be held at our head quarters at: 1740 North Greenville Ave, Richardson, TX 75081 and in the 5 mile surrounding area.

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There are several prices listed in the drop down menu so if you have only 1 person, select that, if you have 2 or 3 in your group choose those options and save some cash! Do note that this is an introductory price so move on it now for the best deal possible.

NOTE: All A.C.W.A. Team members will get an additional discount off the prices below, so contact your instructor for more details.

2 Day UE&E Event:

"Fear comes from the lack of understanding, confidence comes from exactly the opposite place."